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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 2, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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. i'm jc hayward. hurricane earl is once again a category 4 storm. and it's heading toward thews coast. more evacuations have been ordered for part of the north carolina seaboard. residents an visitors have been told to leave the barrier
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islands. the storm is expected to reach those areas on the. we have live team coverage on hurricane earl coming up in just a moment but fist we have following the latest developments in the discovery billing standoff. offices in the building will not open until next week. james loo held the home of the discovery channel hostage with guns and explosives for hours yesterday. he was eventually shot and killed by police. kristin fisher is live outside of the building in silver spring with the latest information. we are hearing employees have been allowed to return to the building to retrieve personal items. is that true, kristin? >> you are exactly right. many of the employees are now back inside the building, and they are there to get belongings they had to leave behind, cell phones, computers, wallets and car have been. this is not a normal work day.
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you can see wayne street northbound is still closed. the lobby of the building is an active crime scene and all of the employees have to be back out by 1:00. he evacuated from the discovery center yesterday afternoon and they are wheeled back inside the building on thursday morning. employees are allowed back inside. >> i was to to come at 10:00 and we could get our stuff. >> another day at the office for me at least. i'm sure there will be some changes and i'm wondering whether there will be extra security today or going forward in general. >> reporter: the building may be back open but the investigation continues and we are learning more about the homemade explosive devases found on lee's body after he was shot and in the two boxes and bags he brought with him inside the building the explosives on his body took four hours to safely detonate.
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one went off when he was shot. bomb quads detonated the other devices overnight. >> devices on his person were two propane tanks, like the kind that a camper might use in a little stove. he also had two pipe bombs that had shotgun shes in them. >> reporter: this man said he saw lee with the two bobs in wheaton. he stood out because he almost gotten in to a fight with lee for handing him a christian care card. >> he tore it to pieces. i wanted to show it to a not to dispose of it. >> you are sure the same guy. >> same guy. same uniform.
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everybody was scared [ inaudible ] i said no you are going to be a good man if you can change your ways. >> clearly that man was not able to help lee change his ways in time. one thing i want to point out, the police chief says while they were negotiating with lee, they could see he was holding a switch in his hand. it was small and looked like a cell phone with a large antenna and the fear is that he might have been able to activate explosive devices. it did not happen but that just goes to show you one of the many scary variables that negotiators were able to deal with during yesterday's standoff. >> it was scary indeed. >> kristin fisher is live from silver spring. thank you. three people held hostage during yesterday's ordeal are all safe. one hostage was jim mcnolte. he's a producer with t welcome c and he issued a statement which reads, in
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suggest you go to our website to the portion that says where you live. it is in the middle of our page and all you have to do is click on the silver spring neighborhood. all right, or big story is hurricane earl. it is now a category four storm. it is heading to the north carolina coast. we have team coverage on the storm and we will start with howard for the latest. >> watching earl. in fact. as we look at the satellite and radar, some are the leading clouds from earl and the rain bands are coming on shore in north carolina. an impressive looking storm. here's something important. one, it is moving more north
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now. not so much northwest. and that means it probably isn't going to go much further west. northern banks on the weak side of the storm. wins down from is 45 to 1400. but that is a category four storm and with 300 miles away from cape hatteras. tomorrow up to norfolk, virginia beach. passing the delmarva tomorrow. midday tomorrow, yeah, it will be rough through noon. after noon things will improve as the storm heads to massachusetts where they are under a hurricane warning for cape cod. an then the storm will be out of here quickly. the next 24 hours will be the worst around here. but the weekend will bring big changes once earl passes. i will have those details in a few minutes. thank you. so far governor o'malley says it is unlikely that ocean
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city will have to be evacuated but the government is advising drivers not to drive to or from that area during the storm. scott broom has the latest on preparations that are occurring there. scott, what can you tell us? >> i'm outside of the emergency operations center in ocean city where there is a 1:00 briefing of officials. they are on the same page as governor o'malley. you can feel a little humidity building and a little breeze coming in from the east. that's a hint of the tropics and aahing of what's to come. as i said earlier, ocean city officials had talked to us and barring any big changes in the forecast, evacuations are not under consideration right now. this surf now beginning to turn a little rougher on maryland and delaware beaches. the only sign earl is coming. >> we are within the tropical storm force wind field. >> city leaders were told earl
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will lakely pass 200 miles out to see. the affects here are likely to include tropical storm force wind, one to two inches of rain, rough surf an minor street flooding. >> at this point we don't have any consideration for evacuation at all. >> reporter: if the forecast holds, the mayor says at worst visitors should be prepared to adjust travel times on friday but orwise not cancel plans. >> we want to ask people to avoid driving during the storm. hopefully this is nothing more than an exercise. >> you don't want to drive during the storm. delay coming to ocean city until the storm passes. use common sense jerusalem and we will get through this together and you will all be able to enjoy the beaches on saturday. >> reporter: after a death here on saturday, safety on the beach in upcoming weekend will be in the hands of life guards. >> we may restrict where you can go, however out you can go.
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the rip tides maybe up to your knees only but i think you are safe to travel an enjoy the ocean city beach this weekend. it will be a weekend where if you stay at home, you are going to look up and say what are we doing here because the weather will be great after the storm passes. >> reporter: so you can tell from listening listening to the mayor that he is planning on ocean city being open saturday an through the labor day holiday weekend. the only warning is take caution while driving tomorrow while the storm is in the neighborhood. we are expecting tropical storm winds and good rains on the frontened of tomorrow right after breakfast. live at ocean city, scott broom, 9 news now via skype. >> thank you so much. hurricane earl is forcing tourists along the outer banks of north carolina to flee. evacuations were posted for visitors in dare county this morning.
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phillip jones from our sister station wfmy is live and he has more on the rush to get out of earl's way. phillip? >> reporter: good afternoon, jc. normally two days before labor day this beach in nags head would be packed with folks looking to get one last bash of summerment. but tens of thousand have been forced to flee from the outer banks. we are seeing earl's affects. the surf getting to much closer to our location than it has been since we have been here on tuesday. the rain, we are getting bits of mist and possibly rain and you know what it is just a situation that everyone around here is taking seriously. we have seen businesses boarding up, traffic jams as people over the bridge on highway 12. on a normal occasion this would be a very, very very busy
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place. right now you are only going to see the few brave tourists that are left and emergency workers making sure no one gets in the water. because on a day like today, red flags are up and it's illegal to get in the water. >> all right. we are noticing, looks like a mother and some children and they are enjoying the fact they have the beep area to themselves. i guess they are not leaving. >> no. they have a few more minutes before we really see the affects of earl. then they can enjoy some time before things start to deteriorate. >> thank you very much. still to come on 9 news now at noon, tropical storm warnings are already in affect for the delmarva coast. our bruce leshan will have a live report from virginia beach as that area prepares for earl. but coming up next, for the first time in two years, palestinians and israelis sit down at the negotiating table together. president obama tries to tackle
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peace in the middle east.
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for the first time in two years early and palestinian negotiator are meeting face to face. the two sides got to work at the state department here in washington. both are cautiously optimistic they can find common ground within the next year. secretary of state hillary clinton is serving as mediator for the meeting and she knows
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the road to peace will not be easy. >> we understand the suspicion and skepticism that so many feel borne out of years of conflict and frustrated hopes. >> reporter: president obama hopes this is the first of a series of meetings leading to the creation of a palestinian state. coming up next on 9 news now at noon, bruce leshan is joining us live from virginia beach as hurricane earl is nearing the coast. and howard will have full details in his forecast. >> bruce will feel it a lot more than we are here in the metro. we will talk about earl and the labor day holiday forecast. the allergy forecast is moderate across the board. more when we
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tropical storm warnings are already in affect for the virginia coast. and governor mcdonnell has issued a state of emergency. our bruce leshan is in virginia beach, and he has the latest on preparations there. bruce? >> reporter: hey, jc. behind me is the stage for the
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american music festival set to go awe this weekend and emergency managers were a little concerned about that scaffolding turning in to giant javelins this there are high winds, but at this point they are protecting the stage. you can see they are ejecting -- erecting a big sand berm in case of high water. a lot of people are happy to see earl turn to the north, but they are taking precautions any way. thousands of tourists packing up the boogie boards. >> leaving for indiana. >> one day early. >> we machine to stay through friday but will skip out one day early. >> reporter: you want vacation toened early? >> huh-uh. >> we know what to do with a tornado but not necessarily a hurricane. >> reporter: the wind is picking up early, blowing out
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the chest-high waves that surfers had to slap to ride. a lot of them are hoping for something bigger. >> when it comes on shore obviously there is concerns, beach erosion and just homes. we don't want anyone to come home to an empty place or a foundation. >> at the marina at rudy's inlet the u.s. geological survey is installing gauges to track any storm surge. the data should help them to better predict the next storm in as water comes in and floods the area you will know exactly when that occurred and exactly how high that got within one hundredth or 200ths of a foot. >> if you have any doubt about the power of this storm, listen to this. it passed right over noaa buoy
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off of puerto rico and the buoy measured a 52-foot wave. 52 feet. that's enormous. jc? >> this is nothing to play with. >> bruce leshan reporting live from virginia beach. thank you very much, bruce. by the way, we want to report that amtrak says they are going to cancel some of their trains that are going through virginia, and they are going to have more cancellations tomorrow and saturday. so, if you are planning to take an amtrak train south you should check with amtrak first. >> makes a lot of sense. ing what bruce said on the waves, this morning, checking the waves, 35 to 40 feet with the storm. that's off shore and likely will stay off shore. if we get some 200, 2 a -- 20, 25-footers, there will be beach erosion and that's why we are
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taking it seriously. it will be hot until we get past tomorrow. then a nice change. it's part of earl passing. it will bring in cooler air. today back around 95, but some high clouds is helping. right now 88. 94 at 3:00 and 6:00 temperature 89. so this afternoon, hot again. 90 to 985. south to -- 95. tomorrow the impacts from earl will be minimal in the metro. east of the bay, big difference, especially by the ocean. high clouds, hazy sun. northwest wins ten. may get gustier toward the bay and across it. 91 leesburg. 88 downtown. 86 cambridge and 89 fredericksburg. winchester 92 and the hot spot, if you discount frederick, the
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hot spot is petersburg, where wave at 93. officially 88. dew point in the 80s -- 6000s. -- sixties. southern delmarva some rain bands on shore. we are watching the showers to the west. this is giving enough of a nudge to get earl to move more north now instead of northwest. satellite really shows it. looks like it is weakening a slight bit here but notice the track. it's going more north than west. we think it will stay off shore of the outer banks an the wind fields here, this changed a bit. the red being hurricane-force winds. the sustained ones may gust to 70 to 80 on the outer banks. we could have gusts, 40 to 45 and maybe 50 over to ocean city
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and rehoboth and friday evening here's the hurricane. hurricane warnings have been issued for cape cod. looking at the track for the hurricane center. 7:00 tomorrow morning up to norfolk and passing hatteras and moving south and east. then it pulls away. by evening we are in better shape and tomorrow night, southeast mass and then moves up to maine and nova scotia and in to can d.a. the weekend looks better. 94 today. 90 on friday. looking nice on labor day, 87 an then tuesday an wednesday we are back in the 90s. speaking of back, we'll be right back after this. [ female announcer ] we can't live in a bubble. but what we can do
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come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. montgomery county police just held a press conference on yesterday's hostage situation. andrea mccarren is reporting live. >> actually, jc, now underway is a news conference with discovery communications david levy. discovery just completed a town hall meeting with its staff. they have brought in counselors for everybody. here are the headlines of the news conference still underway right now. i asked about the three former hostages. they are doing well. they are at home and doing as well as expected they are getting plenty of time to recover from this. very southwesting. the security guard in the building is being hailed a hero. he has a military background, served in iraq and was critical in the negotiations between police yesterday and the
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suspect. we will have more at 5:00. back to you. >> for the latest information on the situation, go to our website at of course we will have information on hurricane earl with full details coming some people say i'm obsessed with my chickens. but i like to think i'm just going beyond the call of duty. cock-a-doodle-dooooo! i do 22 more inspections than the government requires. and my fresh, all-natural chickens are never given any hormones or steroids. ♪ they're fed a nutritious diet including corn, soybeans and marigolds. and no candy, gladys. [ clucks ] [ male announcer ] perdue. extra inspections. extraordinary chicken. what? they're more comfortable.
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